Why choose mindfulknits Yarn Bundles?

Every knitter and crocheter’s number one guilty pleasure is building their yarn stash. Good quality yarn can be expensive, but mindfulknits aims to take the guilt out of the equation – so that adding amazing cotton yarn to your stash is nothing but a pleasure!

When it comes to yarn, there are so many premium and budget options. Allow us to better acquaint you with mindfulknits yarn, so that you know exactly what you are adding to your stash!

Yarn Material

There are many options for yarn fiber. Natural fibers, such as wool, silk, and cotton. Synthetic fibers such as acrylic. The fiber of the yarn affects the feel, the price, and the care of the knitted or crocheted item. At mindfulknits, we love cotton yarn because it is vegan, machine washable, gentle for all ages, and knits like a charm. In our bundle, we provide 4 50-gram balls of 100% cotton yarn.

Yarn Weight

There is a spectrum of weight (thickness) yarn can come in, from thread-like for making lace to super bulky for making robust blankets. Medium/worsted weight falls right in the middle, and is probably the most common weight knitters and crocheters use. mindfulknits yarn is medium/worsted weight. 

Yarn Colors

There is likely nothing more satisfying than opening your yarn stash to see beautiful colors that make you happy. At mindfulknits, we specially curate the colors in our bundles to evoke joy, relaxation, and a feeling of being at ease. Want to have a meditative experience? Try Zen! Want to feel like you’re chilling on a beach in Bali? Try Tropical Retreat! Want to get lost in the majestic forests of Northern California? Try Flora!

Our customers love mindfulknits yarn because it is soft and smooth. It feels and looks like premium quality yarn, but doesn’t break the bank. We hope you can try it out for yourself. Enjoy, and happy mindfulknitting!

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