tricots conscients

Tout beginner knitting kits are only $20! Now through St. Patrick’s Day.

Preventing Pain During Knitting and Crochet

Let’s face it: once you get the hang of knitting and/or crochet, they can be addicting. ‘One more row, one more row,..’ and all of a sudden it’s 3am and you’ve re-watched a complete season of your favorite show on Netflix. And, in many cases, your hands and wrists – the most important tools in […]

La couverture scintillante

If you follow @mindfulknitsgram on Instagram, you may have seen my series of posts where I detail how I created the Blinky Blanket, which was a present for my newborn niece, Blinky. I’d like to share some more details on how I created the blanket here, so that you can create it with mindfulknits yarn, […]

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