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Wellness Starts


You’re in the right place. Knitting has proven benefits of relaxation, mindfulness, and stress relief. But with all the different options (yarn weights, needle sizes, gauges…heh?) learning to knit can be intimidating. We take the ‘????’ out of knitting by putting everything you need to get started in our Beginner’s Knitting Kits, available on Amazon and Etsy.

The Comfiest Cotton

We love cotton yarn because it’s soft and gentle enough for all ages, and it’s machine washable. But it’s difficult to find super soft and comfy cotton yarn that won’t break the bank. We set out to provide affordable cotton yarn that looks and feels just as good as the expensive stuff. mindfulknits yarn, with its luscious feel & colors curated to bring joy and relaxation, is the yarn you and your stash deserve. mindfulknits yarn bundles available on Amazon and Etsy.

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