mindfulknits 101

Yarn Bundle

You will get:

4 of our 50g balls in specially curated color combinations.

Great for:
  • Adding to your stash.
  • Beginners to advanced.
  • Knitting & crochet

Beginner's Knitting Kit

Everything you need to get started with your first knitting project.
  • 4 balls of mindfulknits yarn.
  • A ciscular knitting needle.
  • A yarn needle.
Great for:
  • Beginners.
  • People who have always wanted to learn to knit but don't know where to start.

Promotes mobility & dexterity in hands.

Distracts from chronic pain.

Increases sense of satisfaction & happiness from creating something.

Can help treat anxiety & depression.

The repetive motions can trigger a release of serotonin, which can relax and soothe you.

Uses 2 pointy needles.
Stitches from straight lines
& resembles VS.
2 basic stitches: knit & pun.

Uses a single crochet hook.
Stitches resemble knots and are
bumpier & more textured.
Multiple types of stitches but
fundamentals are chaining
& single crochet.

level of difficulty

Knitting is for You if :

If you want to make
neat, intricate projects.
You're patient.
You like working in Straight rows.
You're willing to either live
with a mistake or Start over.

Crochet is for You if :

You don't like pointy
neat, intricate projects.
You're patient.
You like working in Straight rows.
You're willing to either live.

Double pointed (DPNs)

  • Points at both ends
  • Used for seamless knitting
    (Knitting in the round) socks or hats

Straight needles

  • Classic
  • Best for small, straight projects
    like Scarves,washcloths or pieces
    that are sections that can be
    sewn together.

Circular needles

  • Most Versatile
  • Used for Knitting Projects
    without a seam or
    larger Projects.


Yarn is made from a variety
of natural & synthetic fibers.



Refers to the thickness of yarn. Needles/Hooks are recommend for particular weight.

US Needle US Hook


1 B1 Lace, socks


1-3 B1 - E4 Lace, socks


3-5 E4 - 7 socks, baby clothes


5-7 7-1 -9 sweaters, scarves, baby clothes


7-9 1-9 to K-101/2 sweaters, scarves


9-11 K-101/2 - M13 hats, scarves, sweaters

super buky

11-17 M13 + blankets, sweaters, scarves


17 + M13 + blankets, sweaters
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