Dear Sir/Madam,

We are a yarn manufacturer branded as mindfulknits, that has fair amount of buyers from our online stores because of the soft, vegan, 100% cotton yarn in very pleasant colors.

We have the Zen bundle and the Tropical bundle, each with four 50 gm yarn balls of different colors, nicely packaged in a zippered pouch. 

We have the same Zen & Tropical bundles selling as Zen Kit and Tropical kit, with the inclusion of a size 7 bamboo circular needle and a size 7 plastic yarn needle.

Please feel free to browse to the Specs page of our attached website for detailed specs of our yarn.

Please feel free to browse to the Tutorials page of our website for PDF and video tutorials on knitting.

We are not only sellers of yarn but it all started because we are knitting and crochet enthusiasts, and we want to spread the word about this wonderful, stress-relieving, wholesome activity for men and women, young and old.

We have a very loyal following on Amazon and Etsy, as you can tell by the number of knitters who have favorited our store and products, and the lovely reviews we’re getting.

We would love to send you our product samples, and furthermore, increase the sales of your store by offering our yarn to you at business pricing. We are open to discussion to package it in a way that would suit you, although we feel the current packaging would be adequate, because we’ve got good reviews for the packaging as well.

Please contact me at +1346 221 5298 or at to discuss the next steps. We are located in Hayward CA and Houston TX, but are available nationwide.


Taha Shipchandler
Chief Yarn Spinner