Welcome to our happy place.

Hi, I'm Ruqaiya, a once-anxious engineering student who, a decade ago, nervously awaited exam results during winter break.

Desperate for distraction, I stumbled upon a knitting tutorial on YouTube. One craft store trip and several clumsy YouTube tutorial hours later, I birthed my first hat—or something resembling one.

Despite my shaky start, I was hooked by knitting's calming nature—perfect for a restless soul like me who craves relaxation but can't sit still.

Knitting and crochet boast benefits like mindfulness and stress relief, but the learning curve and pricey materials can be stress-inducing.

That's where we swoop in! Our goal is to untangle the knots of learning to knit and crochet, making it affordable and accessible to all.

We want everyone to experience the sheer joy of creating something for themselves or loved ones while basking in relaxation.

So, in 2018, armed with a little delusion and a lot of ambition, I founded mindfulknits. mindfulknits has seen me through a career in tech, becoming a mother, and now full-time entrepreneurship.

Welcome aboard this journey of mindful-making — I am so happy you are here!