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Zen Small Mangowood Yarn Bowl

Zen Small Mangowood Yarn Bowl

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NO MORE TANGLED YARN: Keep your yarn balls contained as you knit or crochet your next project. No more rolling yarn that unfurls and creates a tangled mess. No more wasted yarn! Experience an enjoyable, stress-free knitting or crochet experience.
PREMIUM QUALITY AND BEAUTIFUL: The yarn bowls are made with a premium mango wood in India. The smooth wood ensures an effortless glide of yarn through the beautifully carved notch or holes. The rich, dark color makes the bowl an aesthetically pleasing accent wherever you knit or crochet.
UNIQUE GIFT FOR YOURSELF OR A LOVED ONE: These bowls are expertly crafted, extremely practical, and super portable. It’s a must-have item for yourself or your favorite knitting or crochet aficionado.
ALL ABOUT THE DETAILS: A perfect container for your mindfulknits yarn, or any yarn! 4 inch height, widest portion is 6 inches in diameter. Can hold up to 2 balls of mindfulknits cotton yarn or 1 ball of mindfulknits acrylic yarn.

mindfulknits Premium Mango Wood Yarn Bowl

We’re excited to introduce specially curated yarn bowls by mindfulknits!
We designed our dream yarn bowls, and made it available to everyone!
We wrote down our wish list for yarn bowls, and then made it a reality:
Premium quality wood
Durable and long-lasting
A perfect size: can hold an average-sized ball of yarn but is light and portable
Beautiful dark finish so it is aesthetically pleasing wherever it’s being used
Multiple slots and holes to pull yarn from.
Experience the many benefits of crochet and knitting
We love crochet and knitting due to their numerous benefits which include:
Anxiety relief
Stress Relief
Improved dexterity
Improved memory
Satisfaction of creation
Joy of treating yourself or a loved one to a handmade gift
Portability: knit or crochet on a train, a plane, in the comfort of your home
The list goes on and on…
The mindfulknits Premium Yarn Bowls are a great gift for yourself or a loved one. Click ‘Add to Cart’ right now and order yours today.
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